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C++ Training - Live Training

Class Start Date Status Price
C++ Training
Taught online - Great Teacher
Jun 02 Open $1,000.00

C++ Training - Online Training

Class Start Date Status Price
C++ Training
Taught online - Great Teacher
Jun 02 Open $1,000.00


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20 classes of 1 hour each 

Prerequisites: C Programming
Introduction to C++
 Introduction to C++
 Difference between C and C++
 Introduction to development
 Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
 Compiling your first program
Function Handling
 Function parameters and arguments
 Passing arguments by value
 Passing arguments by reference
 Passing arguments by address
 Returning values by value, reference, and address
 Inline functions
 Function overloading
 Default parameters
 Function pointers
 The stack and the heap
 Recursion
 Handling errors (assert, cerr, exit, and exceptions)
 Command line arguments
 Ellipses (and why to avoid them)
Object Oriented Programming
 Welcome to object-oriented programming
 Classes and class members
 Public vs private access specifiers
 Access functions and encapsulation
 Constructors
 Destructors
 The hidden “this” pointer
 Constructors (Part II)
 Class code and header files
 Const class objects and member functions
 Static member variables
 Static member functions
 Friend functions and classes
 Anonymous variables and objects
Operator Overloading
 Introduction to operator overloading
 Overloading the arithmetic operators
 Overloading the I/O operators
 Overloading the comparison operators
 Overloading unary operators +, -, and !
 Overloading operators using member functions
 Overloading the increment and decrement operators
 Overloading the subscript operator
 Overloading the parenthesis operator
 Overloading typecasts
 The copy constructor and overloading the assignment operator
 Shallow vs. deep copying
 Introduction to inheritance
 Order of construction of derived classes
 Constructors and initialization of derived classes
 Inheritance and access specifiers
 Adding, changing, and hiding members in a derived class
 Multiple inheritance
 Virtual base classes
 Virtual Functions
 Pointers and references to the base class of derived objects
Virtual functions
 Virtual destructors, virtual assignment, and overriding virtualization
 Early binding and late binding
 The virtual table
 Pure virtual functions, abstract base classes, and interface classes
 Mini Project
Advanced C++
Template Handling
 Function templates
 Template classes
 Expression parameters and template specialization
 Class template specialization
 Partial template specialization
Exception Handling
 The need for exceptions
 Embedded Systems Course Content
 Exceptions, functions, and stack unwinding
 Uncaught exceptions, catch-all handlers, and exception specifiers
 Exceptions, classes, and inheritance
 Exception dangers and downsides
 Constructor initialization lists
 Composition
 Aggregation
 Container classes
 std::string and std::wstring
 std::string length and capacity
 std::string character access and conversion to C-style arrays
 std::string assignment and swapping
 std::string appending
 std::string inserting
Standard Template Library
 STL Containers
 STL Algorithms
 Sequence containers – Vectors, dequeue, list
 Containers adaptors – stack, queue, priority queue
 Associative containers – set, multiset, map, multimap, bitset
 Mini Project

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Class Timings

Mon-Fri - 9pm-10pm

Office Location

38345 W 10 Mile Rd

Ste 215

Farmington Hills MI 48335

Other Information

There is a Prerequisite for this class: C Programming


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