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Stock and Options Trading - Live Training

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Stock and Options Trading
This will be the last class for 2018!
Jun 16 Open $2,000.00


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I am truly surprised that everyone is not running to sign up for our class.  Housewifes can make $100,000/yr learning to trade stocks.  Since I am not getting the turnout I expected the next weeks class will be our last class.

I was asked to teach this class so that others can learn, but it is taking too much time away from my weekend, so next weeks class will be my last for 2018.

One of our students made $250,000 on an options trade that she did with a $40,000 call SPY buy that we recommended to our students, in just 2 days. 

Our observations after our first four weeks of class is that people have very little knowledge about stocks and investing, but almost everybody in the class had hundreds of thousands invested in the market via their 401K or direct brokerage account.

I have a friend that is a Professional Stock Trader.  He has been teaching me for the last 2 years.  I am trading actively when opportunities arise.

I started trading on his advice March 7, 2018 and in 2 weeks turned $5000 into $55000. I will list my trades below to show you how I made the money and show you my Etrade account transactions.

My friend now wants me to teach others, so I will teaching this class.  My friend also came and taught for an hour each day in the first few weeks of this class, but this is not guaranteed.

I am not a professional stock broker; I do not have a series 6 license.  This is a class about our experience in trading and what has been taught to me by my friend over the last 2 years.

We have a Bloomberg terminal in the office.  It is a little more than $2500/month for that access and we use it to do Live trading Mon-Fri and we will be teaching on this terminal with examples.

What will be taught:

1) How to trade stocks and options - You need to have money ready and in the account to make a trade when an opportunity arises.  Did you know that had you bought a SPY option in Feb 2018 when the market hit the 200 day moving average, you would have made 10x or 20x your money based on where you bought the option.  We are going to show you how to look for that opportunity again.

2) Moving averages and why they are important - Show past instances and study what happened.

3) Relative Strength Index - Learn to buy when the RSI is below 30 and sell after it has crosses 70 or 80.

4) See options chains on Bloomberg and learn about them and risk and reward in these.

5) Learn to see the most active stocks and learn how to trade them.  Learn to trade stocks near their 52 week highs.

6) Learn to read charts and what a good chart looks like.

7) Safe trades vs Risk trades.

Ranbir who has worked as a technical analyst will teach:

Module 1: Fundamental concepts

  -  Stock market and exchanges

  -  Share/stock prices

  - Important definitions Market Cap, Earnings, P/E ratios, growth, ticker symbols, etc.

 -  Fundamental analysis

 - Sector leaders and Industry Leaders

  - Hands-on practice + assignment


Module 2: Technical analysis 

- stock charts and symbols.

- Stock trend lines

- Moving averages

- trend reversals

- recognizing Chart Patterns

- Supports and resistances

- Homework


Module 3: Fundamentals of Trading

 -  Trends and long-term investment

 -  Technical short-term trading

 -  Major indices and related stocks

 -  A concrete method for trading S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices to generate consistent profits.

 - Hands-on practice.

More will be coming here.

Class Location

38345 W 10 Mile Rd

Ste 215

Farmington Hills MI 48335

Class Timings

Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm (2 days)

On 1 day M-F you will also be allowed for one day:

We will split the class up and let them sit in on live trading day with our traders.  These traders at the office excute trades almost everyday and you can ask for advice on why they do what they do.

Office Location

38345 W 10 Mile Rd

Ste 215

Farmington Hills MI 48335


Q: Will be get stock advice after the class is over?

A: Yes we will add you to our WhatsApp group and give you the trades that we are making and our general advice on the market for 3 months. 

Q: Will I make money by taking this class?

A: If you think you will be a great trader and make a living by trading, the odds of that are 1 in 1000.  Our advisor is a Billionaire and he makes a living as a trader.  We will give you advice we have learnt from him and how he did it.  Hoping this class will be a guide on how to make money in the market.

Q: Can you give me returns from a trader that trades with your group?

A: One of our traders started with $850,000 and within 1.5 year the trader is now at 1,600,000. 

Q: Will I get trading advice?

A: No, what you will get is advice on what we hold currently, why we hold them and we will also analyze your holdings and let you know if they are good or bad in our view.  

Please ask me more questions and I will answer them here.  I am sure others will benefit from your questions.

Other Information

Here are the trades I executed to get to $50,000 profit.:


May 7

Wired into Etrade - $5000

Bought to Open 38 Spy 3/9 272.50 for $1.35 - $5154.38

Sold to Close 38 Spy 3/9 272.50 for $1.60 - $6055.27

Bought to Open 39 Spy 3/9 272.50 for $1.57 - $6148.10

March 8

Sold to Close 39 Spy 3/9 272.50 for $2.04 - $7930.63

March 9

Bought to Open 80 Spy 3/14 277.00 for $.96 - $7726.29

Sold to Close 80 Spy 3/14 277.00 for $2.15 - $17,153.15

Bought to Open 100 SPY 3/14 280.00 for $.79 - $7,956.62

Bought to Open 100 Spy 3/14 280.00 for $.75 - $7556.62

Bought to Open 16 Spy 3/14 280.00 for $.71 - $1149.22

Bought to Open 9 Spy 3/14 280.00 for $.72 - $652.65

March 12

Sold to Close 225 Spy 3/14 280.00 for .99 - $22,153.27

Bought to Open 65 MU 3/23 56 for $3.31 - $21,553.54

Sold to Close 40 MU 3/23 56 for $4.50 - $17,973.96

Sold to Close 25 MU 3/23 for $4.45 - 11,106.87

Bought to Open 100 Spy 3/12 278.50 for $.70 - 7056.62

Sold to close 100 Spy 3/12 278.50 for $.51 - $5043.06

Bought to Open 75 MU 3/23 60 for $2.58 - $19393.70

Sold to close 75 MU 3/23 60 for $3.28 - $24,555.58

Bought to Open 150 MU 3/16 60 for $1.82 - $1.85 - $27,562.45

Bought to Open 100 Spy 3/14 280 for $.88 $5315.99

March 13

Sold to Close 100 Spy 3/14 280 for .90 - $5363.80

Sold to Close 150 MU 3/16 60 for $3.43 - $51,366.05

As of March 13 I had: $56,475.46

I then withdrew $20,000 into my bank account so I would have profit no matter what.

I also withdrew another $12,000 from this account and I currently have a little over $25,000 in this account as of March 17, 2018.  For a total profit of $50,000 in about 2 weeks.

Here is the screen shot of the actual trades as listed by Etrade, this is a downloadable link from my aws account:


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