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Embedded Systems - Live Training

Class Start Date Status Price
Embedded Systems
Licensed Vector Tools plus QT/QML will be taught
Oct 05 Open $2,500.00

Embedded Systems - Online Training

Class Start Date Status Price
Embedded Systems
Licensed Vector Tools plus QT/QML will be taught
Oct 05 Open $2,500.00


Call: (540) 449-5501

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Micro processor Concepts 

•Watchdog Timers
•PWM for Bi-directional Controllers
•Memory Types RAM, ROM, EEPROM etc

Model Based Programming with Hands on Training        

•Matlab , Simulink, Stateflow
•Model in Loop Simulation (MIL), Software in Loop (SIL)
•Hardware in Loop (HIL) Simulation for Rapid Prototyping using dSPACE
•Automatic Code Generation.
•Live Projects.
•Requirements management and configuration management tools
•Configuration Management Tools (Synergy CM)
•Requirement Management Tool – DOORS

 Overview on Software Development cycle 

•Agile software development vs traditional software development

Communication protocols in Embedded Systems 

•CAN protocol
•LIN Protocol
•MOST Protocol
•Flexray Protocol

Tools for Communication protocols

•CANalyzer and CAN dB++ Live Demo in class

Embedded Software Testing and tools 

•Unit Testing –(Matlab – MIL and SIL)

Functional Safety concepts

•ISO 26262: ASIL levels

Operating systems 

•RTOS, Schedulers
•Embedded Linux
•Embedded Development tools        
•Codecheck (MISRA - Motor Industry Software Reliability Association)
•Scripting Language
• Python Programming

Embedded C Programming    

•Basic data types, enum data types, typedef, macros
•Precedence and priority
•optimization rules
•Structures and Arrays

Advanced C Programming

•Pointers and static lists
•Dynamic lists and queues
•Programming standards

Integrated Development Environments

•MPLAB (PIC compiler/debuggers)
•Eclipse (GNU gcc/gdb)
1.Project Help
2.Resume Help


1.NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. (Everything is taught from scratch)


Class Location

38345 W 10 Mile Rd

Ste 215

Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Class Timings

Sat - 1PM - 5PM EST

Sun 3PM - 5PM EST


Tuesday or Thursday 7PM-9PM (only 1 day) - Most likely Thursday

Office Location

38345 W 10 Mile Rd

Ste 215

Farmington Hills, MI 48335


1) Can you name a few clients where your past students are working?

Denso, GM, Ford, Chrysler, TRW, Bosch, Logikos, Windriver, Micromax, Leer, Continental, Harmon, Resporonics, Coca Cola, Panasonic, Qualcomm just to name a few

2) Since my end goal is to get a job, what has been your success rate?

Small batches have had 100% and bigger batches have up to 80% placement rates.

3) What is the time frame to get a job?

We have had students get positions before the class ended, and we have had students take months before they got their break. I would say typically you need around 30-60 days before you get a position.

4) Is the teacher really available via phone and email for support?

Teachers can be reached by Email all the time. Since all the faculty are working during the week, they cannot be reached by phone during the weekdays.

5) So I would like to learn more about RTOS and Device drivers and their practical applications in industries. I am basically interested in learning programming in RTOS and Device Drivers, do you cover these?

RTOS and device drivers basics are covered. Program is more focussed on automotive embedded applications.

6) Can you give me a reason why I should take the training from you in Detroit instead of someone else?

Most of our students are now referrals from our past students, which says a lot about our training.

7) What are your refund policies and anything else you feel I should know?

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the School before enrollment.  An application fee of not more than $25.00 may be retained by the school if the application is denied.  All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within 3 business days after signing a contract with the school.  All refunds shall be returned within 30 days.  Once the 3 business days have elapsed the following policies will apply:  Withdrawal before start of 1st class = Full Refund, after start of 1st class = No Refund.  Students who wish to file a complaint with The State of Michigan may do so at

8) Do I get any evaluation software for practicing? RTOS and Device Drivers during training period?

Device driver software example is covered but no RTOS evaluation copy is available

9) What are the total hours of the classes?

60 Hours

10) Will all the subjects mentioned in web site be covered in detail?


11) Will I get assistance in resume preparation and interviews?


12) I have just looked at the course outline for Embedded System. The course is geared toward the Automotive and CAN protocol. I think Mercedes Benz invented that protocol?

Yes the course is more directed towards automotive embedded. But with automotive being more critical and complex applications, this training will cater to other embedded fields also. Correction about CAN: Bosch GmbH invented the protocol

13) What are the opportunity in this area?? I am southern California. There are not Automotive company.? Where else can you apply these skill?

It can be applied in all embedded applications (some companies like intel, robosoft, infeneon, TI etc)

14) What is the pay rate for embedded system engineer?? What about the other certification pay rate?? Any information will be greatly appreciated.?

Just for example, in Michigan areas: 0 to 3 years ($40 - $50/hr)
4 years to 6 years ($45 to $65/hr)
above 6 years and expert consultants : (up to $75-$80/hr)

Other Information

This class is taught by 2 teachers.  One teacher will teach the Embedded Domain and one teacher will teach C and C++.  It lasts 2 months but it will change your life around.

Both teachers are live in our facility and this class will be taught live in our office in Farmington Hills MI.

Truly wonderful class if you want to work in the Embedded Domain.  What you learn in college is very insufficient to get a job and this is a high pressure learning environment with an immense amount of knowledge that will be taught in a very short time.  Put your bests efforts in this class and we help you build a career in Embedded.

We will be providing Projects with Arduino Boards to provide hands on experience to the students.

With the new OPT Rules and if you are an Electrical or Electronic major, you simply have no choice but to take this class.  Only after this class will you be able to get a full-time job.

Our last batch had 7 students and 5 got full-time offers and 2 are still taking interviews.

Do not waste your time anywhere else.  I know it is a lot of money, but we typically lose money on our classes, but I hold them because I feel like it is helping a lot of students.

You will not lie on your resume, you can market yourself as an OPT and the demand is so high that companies are hiring even if you are OPT.  Of course if you are an American Citizen, then you will be hired right away.  In our last batch the Green Card holder was hired first, even though he was a Bachelors degree holder.

I am very rich and I could without the headaches of running this class, but I truly run this class only because I know it helps so many people.  Last 2 classes I lost over $10,000 just in training fees and I am sure if I included guest house costs and other costs, I have lost huge money.

This class is not for just Indians, every single graduate in Electrical or Electronics should take this class.  We teach you from a job perspective and if you are American or any other nationality, if you want to work in Automotive Embedded, you  MUST take this class.

I guarantee you that you will learn so much and will have a very high percentage chance of working in Embedded after you take our class.


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