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Interested in Teaching?

VXL Training is looking for teachers in most Information Technology subjects. Below are just a few of our needs:

In Detroit:


VXL Training is seeking instructors / trainers who love to teach.

Pay will be a combination of commission and a per class fee. Most of our teachers earn above $50,000/yr with a few dedicated teachers earning over $100,000/yr, all working part-time.

Expectations for Teachers:

1) Teaching the Curriculum we have over the time-frame that has been allocated.

2) Coming to each class 10 minutes early to setup. Being late is a bad sign for the students that you do not have the commitment and they will not take the class seriously.

3) Teaching real project scenarios – This will be in addition to the curriculum – Have to explain a minimum of 1 end to end implementations.

4) Once classes are over, interacting with the students at least twice a week for a minimum of 1 hour classes, and continuing to teach new topics until the students are placed.

5) All teachers need to emphasis the practical aspects of a subject. This means, teach the subject then show it practically, and then ask the students to do it, and watch them do it. This will reinforce the subject and should be followed for all topics.

6) Give lots of assignments (project work) and evaluate and publish the result. The work should continue till they find a job. The students should be fully engaged for a minimum of 8-10 hours a day learning.

7) All teachers should have classes that are interactive. It is very important for the students to communicate and talk and ask questions. The better they do this,, the better they will do when they get to the job site.

A few points to understand:

If you are here to simply teach and then leave, we do not want you.

We want teachers that will immerse themselves into our student’s lives. They should know who needs more help and work with them. They should keep teaching till every student is either placed or a decision is made to part with a particular student.

We will compensate you very well for your time and effort, but the teachers efforts in our training will be the difference between failure and success.

Please contact via Phone or Email:


Call : (540) 449-5501


VXL Training Inc.