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SAP Server Access Management System (SAPMS)

VXL Training runs one of the largest SAP server farms in the nation. The servers are run in our own DATA center and have a 99.99% uptime.

We have 1000 of customers using these servers and we are constantly updating these server to stay in the forefront of providing the latest and greatest SAP Servers to our clients.

Our clients include individual, SAP Partners and Fortune 500 companies.

Once you become our customer you will be given access to Our SAP Server Access Management System which works via the SAP Workflow which will allow you to manage your users and your servers without the involvement of VXL. This easy of access is what separates us from other companies. No more emails, no phone calls. Simply loging, choose the server you want, the number of users, the database you require, the operating system you want on the server and you will get the ID's that you requested to you email. No human interaction is required for you to control your access to our servers.