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Why Us?

1) We are real - We are not just some online training company or just using a small conference room. We have over 5000 Sqft of classroom space in Detroit and another 2300 Sqft in our Wash DC office.

2) We use only the best teachers - All our teachers actually work on current projects and we are teachers that are sitting on the bench.

3) We use only the best equipment - We use Electronic White Boards, High Def Projectors, and Polycom Speaker Phones with Mic's

4) We have a real curriculum and time-frame to complete that curriculum - We know your time is valuable. We will not waste you time.

5) Money Back Guarantee - After listening to one full day of class, if you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your money - We want you to be happy.

6) On the Job Support - One of the most important aspects of training is on the job support, and if you decide to go with us for placement, we will provide on the job support.